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Sharing the full set of shop photos released with the WHITE DVD for the member solo music video extras.

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Sharing scans of the booklets from the LE and RE editions of the WHITE DVD.

The booklet for the LE is quite large, bigger than an A4 scanner so it took a little wrangling to get the pages together. And you can see by comparison how wide are the couple of two page spreads.

The RE as well as only have a few pages, fit easily inside the cover of a DVD case.

Hopefully the size difference is conveyed a little in the sizes I've chosen to make the scans, though the RE ones are much larger than they would be in one to one size comparison.

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Sharing a selection of live concert photos from the concert of May 1, which of course was Koyama's birthday.

The design on the top of the cake was a photo of Koyama dressed in his role as a newscaster. There were many photos actually taken on stage which will probably appear in magazines yet to be published, as coverage of the tour seems to be waiting till after the Tokyo Dome concerts.

In these photos though you can see the frosting from the birthday cake where Tegoshi smeared it on Koyama's face.Then Koyama got Shige and Tegoshi before Massu ran away and managed to avoid it. There are also a couple of photos of Koyama holding the boxed gift of the video prepared by the members and played during the MC.

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This is the second batch of live concert photos for Koyama and Shige.

This batch is also from the first weekend of the tour in Nagoya.

Its great to see that the number of photos of Koyama has increased along with his growing profile and interest by the general public, thanks in part to news every. Unfortunately you can see from the number of photos in this post that it isn't quite the same for Shige - yet.

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This is the first of what will be a series of posts of live concert photos of Koyama and Shige (and other NEWS members) from the 2015 White concert tour.

These photos are from the first weekend of the tour in Nagoya.

The next set will also be from Nagoya, followed by photos from Koyama's birthday concert in Osaka.

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More scans of goodies from the NEWS tour.

This time the NEWS calendar - which runs from April 2015 to March 2016.

The calendar has the days on the left, and the months on the right and you flip and match them as the weeks go by. And you'll notice that the days of the month that relate to the members birthdays, have them as the focus in front of the group.

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Sharing another round of goodies from the NEWS White tour.

These are the photo sets and clearfiles. And it wasn't until I got the photos and opened them that I realised we now got 5 photos in a set rather than the 4 we got in the past. These seems mainly due to price rise for photos from 150 yen to 160 yen. So photosets used to be 600 yen (4x150) and now they are 800 yen (5x160).

As usual though, these are a nice set of photos. And the clearfiles, although only in black and white are also particularly attractive.

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Sharing the full set of shop photos released for the start of the 2015 Live White Tour.

There were 2 sets released on the same day. Photos for the White album and for the tour pamphlet and goods.

White album photos = 34 (6 group plus 4 x solo shots)  /  White tour photos = 103 (31 group plus 18 x 4 solo shots)

There are zips for each group within the set and for the whole of each set.

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NEWS is at last back on the road performing in a concert tour which started last weekend in Nagoya.

The theme of the White album has continued very strongly through into the pamphlet and the goods.

So this is my first update of scans from tour related goodies, starting with the pamphlet. It's basically A4 size and runs over 100 pages, with almost half the pages in double page spreads, as you will see.

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