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Sharing the full set of 23 NEVERLAND album shop photos.

There were 3 group photos and 5 solo photos for each member.

All photos in one zip to download.

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Sharing scans of the more photogenic parts of the NEVERLAND album.

Scans are from both the LE and RE as well as the two postcards that came with both the albums.

The scans are all in one zip.

And I scanned the backs of the postcards, but didn't include them in the previews cos they are less 'photogenic'.

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Sharing scans of both the LE and RE booklets for the QUARTETTO album.

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The look of the White album is in total contrast with the exploding colour of the KAGUYA booklets.

Sharing here a full scan of the LE booklet as well as the image and solos part of the RE booklet. Plus I cleaned up the folds in the colour spread pages.

And of course the album is playing in the background while I do this post.


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Sharing the full set of shop photos released for the NEWS album.

These photos are a mix of album jacket shooting as well as from the Life of NEWS dvd which came with the Limited Edition A version of the album.

There are a total of 58 photos. 5 group photos, 5 mixed member photos and 12 solo photos for each member.

These were released the week after the album and it was clear that if they had been released on the same day as the album, many of the surprises on the dvd would have been spoiled.


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And the day has finally arrived! The first new album by new NEWS!

So sharing here scans of the booklets from all 3 versions.


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